Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Adoption FAQs

Why do you spay or neuter the animals?

There is a tremendous pet overpopulation problem in the United States. Every year millions of healthy, well-behaved animals are euthanized because no homes are available for them. Not only does spaying and neutering prevent more litters of homeless pets, but Missouri state law requires that ALL dogs and cats adopted from an animal shelter be spayed or neutered.

How long do you keep the animals?

We do not give the animals in our Adoption Centers a time limit in which to find a home. Once the animals pass their health and temperament examinations and are offered for adoption, they stay as long as they remain in good health and don't develop temperament problems.

What happens if I bring you an animal and there's no space available?

Even in our new, larger headquarters we sometimes don't have room to accept animals. (This is truly a testament to the huge problem of pet overpopulation!) Springtime, when many animals are born, is especially a crowded time for us. In these cases we ask that you hold the animal a while longer until space becomes available. If at all possible, we ask that puppies and kittens be at least 8 weeks of age before you turn them in; this will allow us to bypass putting the little ones into foster homes and instead put them up for adoption right away. See our Puppy Partners Program for more information. If possible, please bring us the mother of the litter so we may find her a home as well. If you choose to keep the mother, please have her spayed!

What happens if an animal is not adopted?

100% of the adoptable dogs and cats that come into our shelter are placed in loving homes. Unfortunately, some animals have health problems, which are contagious to other animals, or temperament issues, which make them dangerous to other animals or children. Sometimes animals arrive to our shelter suffering from a great amount of pain, perhaps from being hit by a car. These animals are humanely euthanized.

I can't bring myself to come into your shelter. Seeing all of those homeless animals makes me too sad.

We realize that seeing homeless pets isn't easy. Please know that the animals in our care are safe, healthy, well fed and watered, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Furthermore, being in our Adoption Centers is the best way for them to find a real home. If visiting one of our Adoption Centers is too overwhelming, please consider visiting our website to view photos, watch videos and read information about animals awaiting homes. You could also make a donation to help the animals in our care find new loving, forever homes.