Fun Summer Adventure Camps for Kids!
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Fun Summer Adventure Camps for Kids!

Summer Programs




Do you LOVE animals? Would you like to have fun learning lots of fantastic facts about our animal friends? Each summer, the Humane Society of Missouri offers fun and exciting day camps for kids ages 6-14.

Not only are these camps action-packed with hands-on activities and animal interactions, they are a great opportunity to put your compassion into ACTion, doing projects to help animals. Each camp includes a behind-the-scenes tour of our shelter, veterinary medical center, and an opportunity to observe surgery through a window (if you wish). Animal Adventures are just $35 per camp and benefit HSMO animals! 

Get signed up for our "paw"-some programs in three easy steps:

  1. Choose your adventures from the list below! If you want to attend more than one adventure, you'll be given the option to add more.
  2. Tell us about who is coming! We'll need some information about participants to keep everyone safe and happy!
  3. Review your classes and make your payment!