40 Animals Rescued in Vienna, MO




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September 27, 2012

40 Animals Rescued in Vienna, MO

Recently deceased horse, multiple animal carcasses found on property

Update 10/12/2012 -

The Humane Society of Missouri was awarded custody of all 40 animals. Mango, a severely malnourished horse, did not survive. Mango's foal, Kiwi, is being hand-fed by staff and is expected to make a full recovery. Another horse also died from starvation.

Flower, a rescued goat, had a toe amputated and is doing well at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. The rescued dogs and rabbits are still recovering. No animals from this rescue are available for adoption at this time.

Working in cooperation with the Maries County Sheriff’s Office and Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA), the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force is rescuing 40 dogs, rabbits, horses and goats from a property north of Vienna, MO in Maries County. The Maries County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to the situation after responding to a report of animal abuse at the property.

Many of the animals are severely underweight and have had little access to food, fresh water, adequate shelter or veterinary care. The water that was available to the dogs was contaminated with urine and feces. A recently deceased horse and multiple animal carcasses were found on the property. The animals were removed at the recommendation of a veterinarian for the MDA.

The rescued horses and goats are being transported to the Humane Society of Missouri’s Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, MO. The rescued rabbits and dogs, which include adult and newborn Beagles, Terriers and Great Pyrenees, will be treated at the Humane Society of Missouri’s Headquarters on Macklind Avenue in St. Louis, MO.

Several goats, pigs, sheep and cattle remain on the property. The MDA has made recommendations to the owner about appropriate care of those animals. The Humane Society of Missouri will continue to work with the MDA and Maries County Sheriff’s Office to follow up on these recommendations.

A disposition hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2 in Vienna, MO to determine custody of the animals. If custody is awarded to the Humane Society of Missouri, as many of the animals as possible will be made available for adoption. The Humane Society of Missouri will be recommending animal abuse charges in this case.