No Animal Left Behind - Flood Rescue Efforts Continue
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June 28, 2008

No Animal Left Behind - Flood Rescue Efforts Continue

June 28, 2008 - As yet another levee is breached -- this morning it's the temporary levee east of Winfield, Mo. -- our Disaster Response Team is on the ready to continue sheltering and rescue efforts.

A particularly tricky rescue was performed in 4' flood waters yesterday at a home in Annada, Mo. Humane Society rescuers Debbie Hill and Carmen Skelly waded into town through the oily, mucky water to find a home reported to have 8 or 9 cats and kittens and 4 roosters in possible need of help. Although food had been left for the pets, what food Hill and Skelly found at the home was wet, rancid and full of flies and maggots. And, the animals had no access to fresh water. They needed rescue!

With much coaxing (canned tuna works well!), a little coersion and a lot of skill, they were able to rescue all 5 kittens and 2 of the adult cats from a porch and in the water. Behind the home, other Humane Society rescuers managed to catch one rooster.

Approaching darkness forced rescuers to leave two very elusive adult cats and 3 as yet unseen roosters. They will return today to complete this rescue.

"Our motto is 'No Animal Left Behind,'" says Hill. We will make sure we are there for every animal who needs us."