Dog and Puppy Behavior Resources




Dog and Puppy Behavior Resources

Click the icons to read helpful information on dog and puppy behavior. Some articles (especially Training) may be useful for puppies, adult dogs and rescues, so be sure to look at other headings.  Check back for new additions.

Puppy Resources 

Puppy Behavior
Free eBook: AFTER You Get Your New Puppy

Getting Started With Your New Puppy

Biting Behavior
Teething and Chewing
Puppy Socialization and Fear

Adult Dog and Puppy

House Training

Trainer's List in Area
Handling and Food Bowl Exercises
House Training Your New Puppy/Dog
Head Halters - Great Management Tools
House Training Poster
Introducing a New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Learn to Earn - Predictable Rewards Help With Training
Play and Toys - An Owners Best Friend
Training Basics for Your Dog/Puppy
Teaching Calm, Settle and Relax
Teaching SOFT and Handling Exercises
Teaching Come, Wait and Follow
Teaching Give and Drop
Teaching Sit, Down, Stand and Stay

Adult Dog Resources

General Information
Communication Interpreting Your Dog's Language
Products that Help Manage Behavior Problems
Senior Dogs - Behavior Changes and Pain
Senior Dogs - Cognitive Dysfunction

Food Bowl Aggression
Introduction to Aggression
Managing an Aggressive Dog in the Home
Territorial Aggression
Toward Letter Carriers and Delivery Persons
Toward Children - Keeping Kids Safe
Toward Family Members - Introduction and Safety
Toward Other Resident Dogs (Sibling Rivalry)
Toys or Possessions

Behavior Information
Children and Dogs What Every Parent Should Know

Escaping Behavior
Fear of Thunderstorms and Fireworks - Immediate Help

Barking - Excessive

Charging the Door

Chasing Behavior

Coprophagia (Eating Stools)

Destructive Chewing

Destructive Digging

Disobedient, Unruly and Excitable Dogs

Jumping Up on People

Stealing and Stay Away

Training Information 
Rescue Dog Resources

General Information
Introducing a Rescue Dog Into Your Home
Soiling in the Kennel or Crate
The First Few Months With Your Rescue Dog
 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescued Dog
TTouch For the Rescue Dog

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)
AVSAB is composed of veterinarians that specialize in behavior and animal learning.  They provide guidelines on specific behavior topics

AVSAB on Dominance and Behavior

AVSAB Statement About Punishment
AVSAB on Puppy Socialization