Current Adoption Specials

Thursday is PURRSday!

Adopt a Cat on Purrsday for no adoption fee!

Ready to adopt one of our fabulous fluffy felines? Stop in every Thursday for no fee adoptions for kitties age nine months and older!

  • spay/neuter surgery,
  • vaccinations,
  • microchip identification,
  • initial flea treatment,
  • temporary collar and tag,
  • and of course, tons of TLC from HSMO staff.

It costs the Humane Society of Missouri nearly $260 to care for each cat and kitten in our shelters. Your donation, in any amount, helps cover the cost of their care.

Adoption Savings for Seniors

Having a pet offers new ways to enjoy this stage of your life, and can evenĀ make you feel younger! The world is becoming more pet-friendly every day, and pets can help make your lifestyle healthier. They can change your outlook on life, bring families together, or even help us get to know our neighbors.

On Wednesdays, the Humane Society offers $20 off the adoption fee for adoptersĀ 55 years of age and older.