Humane Society of Missouri Day of Giving Feb 7, 2023

Your Gift Saves Lives

Join us on February 7th, 2023…

for our second annual Day of Giving, a 24-hour giving campaign to help thousands of animals get the second chances they deserve. Your tax-deductible donation supports the mission of the Humane Society including the work of our Animal Cruelty Taskforce, which rescues abused and abandoned animals from heartbreaking conditions, giving us the chance to provide them with safety, shelter and medical care so that they can go to forever homes.

Become a Humane Hero (monthly donor), and your gift will go twice as far, thanks to our friends at Purina who will match gifts up to $25,000!

Meet some of the animals you've helped rescue!


Rescued from a horrible accident, wounded underweight and three months pregnant

Peanut Butter

Starving and chained to a tree in the summer without access to food or water


Suffering from a broken jaw, an eye infection and dehydration


Allergic to her dog food and suffering from painful skin infections


Suffering from horrific injuries likely from being hit and dragged by a car


Rescued from one of the worst puppy mills, underweight, dehydrated and pregnant


Nearly starving to death with very little hope for survival

Clueless Too

Survived a tractor-trailer accident that overturned on the highway

Rescued dog: Mika

ACT Rescues

Traveling throughout the state to investigate and rescue abused and neglected animals like Mika

Find out more about these animals' stories on Tuesday, February 7th!

Become a Humane Hero

When you sign up as a Humane Hero, your monthly gift will provide critical support that the HSMO can rely on consistently. Make a huge impact with recurring gifts that are automatically charged to your card on the first of each month. Your support will help give animals large and small the second chances they deserve. Become a Humane Hero today!

I'm a Humane Hero!
sad bunny


$10 a month

Provides shelter and enrichment items for one Guinea pig, bunny, hamster or critter while they wait for a loving home

sad kitten


$15 a month

Provides one dog or cat with microchipping to ensure they can be reunited with their adopters if they happen to get lost

man with Animal Cruelty Task Force hat holding rescued puppy


$25 a month

Allows one dog or cat to be spayed or neutered for free at our Animal Medical Center of Mid-America (AMCMA) clinic



$50 a month

Treats one dog a month who is heartworm positive

mother horse with baby foal


$100 a month

Covers the cost of 1 horse to have their hoofs trimmed every 6 weeks

Day of Giving is generously supported by:

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