Giving Tuesday 2020 – Give 4X the Love!

Seven Left Behind

In the spring of 2020, the owner of a southwest Missouri home passed away leaving the property vacant, and periodically inhabited by squatters. In July, the home’s only occupants were three dogs and four newborn puppies, all left behind with no food, water or means for escape

As the dogs grew hungry, one of the pups took matters into his own paws. Neo climbed out of a second story window and onto the roof. 

Rescued Just in Time

Neo’s howls caught the attention of a neighbor who called the Newton County Sheriff, who then called HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACT). The ACT Investigators found Neo, Nora and Nina, an emaciated, nursing mother of four newborn pups. Thanks to the quick action of the ACT, these seven dogs were brought to safety and given the medical treatment they needed at HSMO’s Best Buddy Pet Center in Maryland Heights.

From Foster to Forever Family

Nina and her four puppies – named Nancy, Ned, Nebula and Nemo – were placed in foster care with one of our staff members, Erin. It wasn’t long before Erin and her family fell in love with Nina and knew that they wanted to make her a permanent part of their household. 

Eventually, it was time for Nina’s puppies to find forever homes through adoption. After spay or neuter surgery and clearance from our veterinarians, they each found loving homes in no time! Nina’s adoption was finalized as soon as she was made available! 

Nina, now named Juniper, is so grateful to have a home where she is surrounded by love from her adopted family. She loves to “sing” along with the radio and has been called a “superb howler,” Erin notes. She fits in perfectly with her animal siblings and loves to go on walks and cuddle on the sofa. 

Most importantly, Juniper has the safe, secure and stable home she deserves.

You Make Second Chances Possible

This special rescue reminds us of why we are here — to lead animals from abandonment, to rescue, to a loving home. 

Your ongoing support makes second chances possible for pets like Neo, Nora, Nina and her puppies. Their rescue, rehabilitation and adoption are all made possible because of YOU.

Your Giving Tuesday gift will go four times as far this year thanks to a quadruple match! Give now to make this the best Giving Tuesday ever for other pets in our care.