Holiday Safety Tips for Pets!

While the holidays certainly look a bit different this year, veterinarians at the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Medical Center of Mid-America (AMCMA) want to ensure all celebrations are fun and safe for four-legged friends. Here are some helpful tips!

Be Careful with Festive Foods!

  • Avoid feeding your pet foods they aren’t used to eating. New foods can cause stomach upset.
  • Fatty and spicy foods, chocolate, and other sweets are off limits!
  • Do not give your pet bones from the table. Cooked bones can break easily and splinter, causing injury and intestinal blockage.
  • Move cocktails out of your pet’s reach. Even though the impact of alcohol is mild, call your vet if your pet gets a hold of any alcoholic beverage.

Keep Seasonal Decorations Out of Reach!

  • Plants like mistletoe, rosemary, and holly berries can cause severe gastrointestinal upset if eaten.
  • Christmas trees can be dangerous to pets. Keep glass ornaments out of reach and ensure cords are not easily accessible.
  • Did you know? It is unsafe for pets to consume the oils found in trees and tree needles. If you have a live tree, don’t let your pets eat the foliage or drink the water from the tree’s base.

Travel Safely and Secure your Pet!

  • Whether you’re driving across the country, or just across town to the dog park, your pet should be properly secured at all times.
  • Small pets should be placed in a secured pet carrier during car rides.
  • Dogs should use a pet travel safety harness that attaches to your car’s seat belt.
  • Make sure your pet always wears their collar and ID tags and ensure microchip contact information is updated!

Celebrate Safely!

    • Give your pet their favorite treat or a special toy as a festive surprise.
    • Enjoy a quiet moment with your pet on the couch while you admire the Christmas tree together (from a safe distance!).
    • Take your dog for a walk to enjoy some fresh air or give your cat some extra play time.
    • If your pet seems stressed, they may benefit from calming pheromone sprays like Adaptil or Feliway. Ask your veterinarian!
    • Visit for more pet safety tips!