Prep Pets for Summer (and Storms) This Memorial Day Weekend

Pet safety tips for the holiday weekend from the Humane Society of Missouri and Animal Medical Center of Mid-America

St. Louis’ kickoff to summer will have a stormy start. While the holiday weekend forecast shows temperatures in the 80s, it also comes with looming thunderstorms. Even when the sun is not shining, temperatures above 70 degrees can still be deadly for furry companions, especially those left unattended in parked cars.

Keep these animal safety tips from the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Medical Center of Mid-America in mind this stormy holiday weekend as we welcome the change of season:

  1. 70 Degrees & Over, Don’t Take Rover! When the temperature outside is over 70 degrees, the temperature inside the car can reach more than 100 degrees in just minutes, regardless of whether a window is cracked. Leaving a pet in a hot, unattended car is inhumane and can cause severe injury or death within minutes. Harming a pet in this way is illegal, punishable by fines and imprisonment.
  2. Don’t sit… speak! Act immediately if you see a distressed animal in an unattended car. Call the local police and the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline at 314.647.4400. A pet showing signs of distress such as heavy panting, unresponsive behavior, seizure or collapse needs immediate attention.
  3. Stay fresh! Make sure outdoor pets have access to fresh, clean water at all times. Secure plastic water bowls (never metal) to the ground so your pet can’t accidentally tip them over.
  4. Keep it cool! When the weather is warm and stormy, keep pets inside your home where it’s cool and quiet. Provide a place to retreat from the heat and noise by finding an interior room or basement with access to clean, cool water. Close all windows and turn on the radio or television to help mask the thunder, and have your pet’s favorite toys and bed for comfort.
  5. IDs please! Time spent outdoors – as well as the presence of thunderstorms – increases the risk of pets escaping. Be sure pets wear collars and ID tags at all times. Having a microchip also increases the chances of a wandering pet’s return home.
  6. Prevent the parasites! Fleas, ticks and heartworms are more prevalent during warm months. Make sure pets receive regular parasite preventatives.

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