Peanut’s Story – HSMO 2020 Second Chances Telethon

An Incredible Rescue

In September of 2019, the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force, working in cooperation with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, received 36 dogs and two cats through a voluntary surrender. The animals were transported to HSMO’s headquarters for veterinary treatment and rehabilitation.

When the animals were evaluated by the HSMO veterinary staff, many were found severely underweight, fur matted with urine and feces, many of them testing positive for internal and external parasites as well as varying degrees of eye and ear infections.

Peanut’s Recovery

A small pug named Peanut was among the dogs rescued. She was so thin, you could see each one of her ribs. She hardly had the energy to stand and was suffering from multiple infections and parasites.

Peanut would require weeks of treatment to address her medical issues and to bring her up to a healthy weight. This sweet-natured pup quickly won over the hearts of staff who cared for her.

During her recovery, HSMO learned that Peanut originally belonged to a couple, Saundra and Clarence, who lived in Oklahoma. When HSMO reached out to them, they were eager to see Peanut and made plans to drive to St. Louis and bring her back home with them.

Together at Last

Saundra and Clarence were concerned that after so much time away from each other, that Peanut wouldn’t recognize them. They watched nervously as Peanut was carried out and placed her in their arms.

Peanut sniffed and looked at Clarence and Saundra and there was a very clear moment she realized who was holding her. Peanut began to give them kisses and let out yelps of happiness, and both Clarence and Saundra couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. The reunion was also emotional for the HSMO staff and Animal Cruelty Task Force who had worked so hard to save Peanut.

Peanut got to enjoy a nice comfortable car ride back to Oklahoma where she lives today with Saundra and Clarence. Peanut’s fur and weight have improved since she was able to go home and she is happier than ever!

This amazing rescue and happy reunion are made possible through the generous support of our community. Thank you to everyone who has given to HSMO and giving second chances to animals in need.

This story is part of the Humane Society of Missouri’s 2020 Second Chances Telethon. Visit for more info on how you can help animals like Peanut!