Waffle’s Filly Now Has a Name!

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is thrilled to announce that a name has been chosen for Waffle’s baby! For the last 5 days, thousands of votes have been cast on the Longmeadow website and the winner is….


Maple, which won by a fairly large margin over 2nd place Eggo, not only goes perfectly with mom’s name (who doesn’t think of maple-flavored syrup when they hear the word “Waffle”?) but with her caramel colored coat, it just seems perfect.

Maple was born to Waffle, a mini-horse rescued in November of 2021 early in her pregnancy, in the early morning hours of May 13, 2021. The birth was uncomplicated, but Maple initially failed to thrive and required brief hospitalization where she was given nutritional supplements and antibiotics. She was home a few days later and continues to thrive!

Thank you to the 4,112 votes cast in the naming contest, and congratulations to everyone who voted for “Maple.” Now she has everything she could have ever wanted – she’s smart, cute, healthy, has a great mom, an attentive staff and the cutest name ever!

Don’t forget to tune in to watch Waffle and Maple on the baby cam! View the livestream here.