Wish List of In-Kind Donations

Wish List of In-Kind Donations

Donations of supplies are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Donations can be dropped off at any St. Louis area Humane Society of Missouri location.

  • We welcome used items as long as they are clean and in good condition.
  • Please call before arrival if you will need assistance with your items.
  • If you would like a receipt for your gift, please make your wish list donation during regular business hours.

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The animals in our shelters come to us for many reasons. Their previous owners may no longer be able to afford their care, they may have been dumped as strays or may have been brought to us by our Animal Cruelty Task Force. You can help improve their lives by donating some of the following items!

  • Kuranda dog beds (all sizes)
  • Martingale dog collars (all sizes)
  • Gentle Leaders (all sizes)
  • Cat beds
  • Grooming supplies such as professional grade clippers with #40 blades or nail clippers (not guillotine style)
  • Furminators
  • Sturdy, washable dog and cat toys like those from Premier
  • Medium and large Kongs
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Purina Brand treats or biscuits
  • Ruff Wear Cinch Leads
  • Blankets (all sizes)
  • Towels and washcloths (all sizes)
  • Door mat sized rugs
  • Heating pads or hot water bottles
  • Newspaper (no ads please!)
  • Long-cut shredded office paper (not confetti-like crosscut shreds)
  • Fabric softener dryer sheets
  • Paper towels

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is home to a variety of animals from horses and pigs to goats and llamas. You can help improve their lives by donating some of the following items! Donations can be brought to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch during operating hours. We welcome used items as long as they are clean and in good condition.

  • Large, portable Vari-kennels (for transporting goats and potbellied pigs)
  • Plastic sandboxes or kiddie pools to help keep our pigs cool
  • Medical supplies such as vet wrap, roll cotton, 4” brown gauze or 4”x4” gauze pads
  • Cotton lead ropes
  • Break away halters (all sizes but especially small)
  • Gift certificates to feed and tack shops
  • Gift certificates to equine or large animal veterinarians
  • Manure forks
  • Hog or cattle panels (please contact us for specs)
  • Stall bedding (baled shavings)
  • Dump bed trailer (please contact us for specs)
  • Western saddles
  • Horse training DVDs
  • Horse hot walker
  • Miniature horse sized driving cart and harness
  • Miniature horse halters
  • Horse hair detangler

Many times animals that come to us, especially puppies and kittens, cannot go up for adoption right away. By placing animals into loving foster homes, we help them recover from illness, learn how to behave in a home environment and give them lots of love! The donations listed below help ensure our foster homes provide the best care possible.

  • Portable exercise pens
  • Kitty condos
  • Kennels
  • Martingale collars (all sizes but especially petite and small)
  • New or unused litter boxes and little scoops
  • Animal carriers (medium and large sizes preferred)
  • Cat litter
  • Dog beds (medium or large sizes preferred)
  • Plush, washable toys for puppies and kittens
  • Sturdy, washable toys for adult dogs and cats
  • Newspaper
  • Food and water bowls

The staff and volunteers of the Humane Society of Missouri have dedicated their lives to protecting and caring for animals in need. By supporting them, you can help them provide even better care to our animals.

Shelter & Veterinary Staff & Volunteers

  • Digital camera with SD memory card
  • DVD player for training videos
  • Gift certificates to stores and restaurants use as incentives and rewards
  • Scrubs
  • Protective eye wear
  • Latex and non-latex gloves (all sizes)
  • Ear plugs
  • Bottled water
  • Individually packaged snacks
  • Pencils
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Post It Notes
  • 2 Way Walkie Talkies
  • Sturdy, six-foot leashes (no extendible or retractable leashes, please)
  • Martingale collars
  • Gentle Leaders
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Aprons with front pockets
  • Gift certificates to stores and restaurants to use as incentives and rewards

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch Staff & Volunteers

  • Protective eye wear
  • 2 Way Walkie Talkies
  • All terrain vehicle
  • Wal-Mart gift cards
  • Gift certificates to stores and restaurants use as incentives and rewards

HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Task Force travels hundreds of thousands of miles – throughout Missouri and beyond – making more than 18,000 responses to reports of abuse and neglect involving nearly 22,000 animals. As the lead agency for animals in disaster in Missouri, the Task Force also assists the animal victims of floods, tornadoes, ice storms, and other emergency situations.

  • Gas cards
  • Hotel rewards points
  • Gift certificates to stores and restaurants to use as incentives and rewards
  • Ruff Wear Cinch Leads
  • Muzzles (all sizes)
  • Microscope (UNICO series G380 with a halogen lamp and 4 objectives (4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x/oil)
  • Clay Adams Compact II centrifuge
  • Hematocrit centrifuge
  • Bumper-pull three horse trailer with removable center divider (aluminum preferred)
  • Large, portable Vari-kennels
  • 60 HP 40 jet board motor for flood rescue boat
  • Trolling motor

The Humane Society of Missouri’s Humane Education program reaches hundreds of children every year. By teaching these students the issues effecting animals today, we are cultivating the next generation of animal lovers. You can help contribute to their education by donating some of the below items.

  • Animal related children’s books
  • Gift cards to Michael’s Crafts, Barnes & Nobel, Borders Books, Bradburn’s or Hobby Lobby
  • Glossy photo finish printer paper
  • Colored computer and construction paper
  • Bulletin board paper
  • Markers and crayons
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Paper towels
  • Craft paint
  • Fun foam
  • Fabric markers
  • Colored tissue and Vellum paper
  • Animal themed stickers
  • Poster board
  • Ink pads and animal themed stamps
  • Blank media CDs
  • Animal themed fabric
  • Plain, white t-shirts (all sizes)

The Humane Society of Missouri hosts several events throughout the year to help support our animals and further our mission of ending abuse, neglect and pet overpopulation. By contributing some of the below items, you can help make our events an even bigger success!

  • Gift cards and gift certificates to area businesses for use in silent auctions and raffles
  • Gift cards to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Office Depot or Schnucks for event supplies
  • Wine
  • Gift baskets

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You can also support the Humane Society of Missouri or Longmeadow Rescue Ranch by donating items from our Amazon Wish List.